The Just Living Foundation, established by the Walker Family, aims to support essential human rights and the needs of individuals and communities across the World.

Through financial and non financial resources, the Foundation aims to deliver sustainable change to those who need it most.

We hold the values of Compassion, Justice, Integrity, Sustainability and Impact central to all aspects of our support and operation.

We chose the three themes of Clean Water, Food and Essential Healthcare as the focus of our grant programme, as they each represent a fundamental need and right for all humanity.

Our support for Clean Water, Food and Essential Healthcare is directed towards:

  • Individual people struggling to access the very basic needs and rights we support
  • Small organisations facing difficulty in accessing funding Passionate people who are motivated to make a change and a lasting impact

As a family, our background is firmly rooted in healthcare and medicine. We understand and appreciate the importance of supporting those suffering from illness or harm.

“We want to ensure the causes we support as well as the fund itself, are sustainable. We wish to create a lasting charitable trust, which will continue beyond our lifetimes.”

Clean water underpins healthcare. The Foundation hopes to support the creation and advancement of sanitation and water supplies in impoverished and developing areas. Without food, we cannot live. The Just Living Foundation exists to ensure we provide all those we can with healthy, nutritious food to allow communities to thrive.

Our mission for the Just Living Foundation is to provide essential healthcare to those suffering preventable and treatable diseases and or injury, across the geographical areas most in need.